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WiFi IP VoIP Phone for Wireless Calling

The A20W design concept incorporates Wireless(WiFi) call operations, with simple buttons, rich features, HD voice, and exquisite details, with an innovative appearance. This is a highly sought after wireless phone for those that want to use a WiFi connection, a WiFi Hotspot, MiFi Hotspot or even a Cellphone Hotspot to make and recieve calls on the go. With our Black Tie Cloud PBX packagess, you can take this unit and connect to any wireless internet(WiFi Roaming) just like your cellphone.

This Entry level WiFi IP Phones also allows for cable connections when not using the Wireless LAN (WLAN). It is presented as a good quality, 6 SIP account, entry-level business phone specifically designed for office staff. It incorporates a full view black&white graphic lattice screen, and support for Wi-Fi access and dual-port Ethernet. Its “3W high-power loudspeaker hands-free, 5- party conference, higher level of ZRTP encryption and innovative appearance are highlight advantages in Entry-level IP Phone. A20W supports 802.11G protocol 2.4G band, and has a built-in 5DB high gain antenna.

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voip phones durban


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With this WiFi IP Phone you will be able to make and receive calls using any WiFi network or hotspot. The phone will find the wireless networks just as a smartphone does, and it can save and remember the networks that you connect to. You only need to put in the password once for each of the wireless networks that you wish to connect to. The phone will now have the wireless settings saved and will connect automatically whenever you move to another network. Your phone number and/or your office extension number will be able to make and receive calls as you move to and from the various known locations that have WiFi access
The WiFi Phone will be very useful when you have…
  • Have no access to network cables
  • Have only WiFi or MiFi available
  • Need to travel to different locations
  • Need to take calls away from the office