VoIP Reseller

Start Your Own VoIP Business

You don’t need to be a big company to resell VOIP, because there is no minimum revenue for you to start.
If you are an IT company, a telecoms consultant or data network specialist, you will have noticed the trend to VOIP. Most companies already trust you and want you to take charge of their IT and IP services. Become the all-in-one solutions that businesses are looking for. There is a huge demand from South African businesses for stable and affordable voice services, as it is no longer a costly solution or something reserved only for large companies. We have many business phone packages and solutions available, including web hosting, development, cloud backups, etc.
Reselling VOIP using our platform does not require huge initial costs and can be highly lucrative if done right. You will provide first-class VOIP services to satisfied customers without the huge capital outlay and network construction. We offer fast and efficient back-end support enabling you and your clients to take advantage of our many years of telecoms technical experience and our highly advanced telecoms solution that integrates everything in one management console.

There is a lot to learn when it comes to VOIP, but that should not be a deterrent, that’s what the experts are there for. With our VOIP experience, straight forward installations can be done in a couple of hours. With hosted and cloud PBX systems, the smaller systems can be ready in minutes.

The type of equipment you use depends on the size of your client. Generally, you will have the options of using a VoIP-PBX, IP gateway or a hosted solution. Picking the correct hardware and solution is key to guarantee quality and stability, and here also our many years in the industry and our close ties with national suppliers will get that quote won for you. We also have in-house finance for all types of businesses, so make sure you present this option if the client sees fit.

Black Tie VoIP has a turnkey solution to control the VOIP services and activity for your clients. We have a sophisticated Telecoms Management System with International Dialing, Recordings Facility and both Client Dashboard and Reseller Dashboard. This is the Core of the VoIP business and it integrates the Billing, Payments, Rates, Profit, etc. It is the most important aspect for resellers, it will determine how much time you spend doing admin versus adding more clients to your business.




Re-Brand VoIP services under your own name and become a profitable VoIP reseller with our Black Tie VoIP Reseller program Our Resellers have the ability to determine their own margin and sell under their own brand name, to customers anywhere in the world.

Resell and rebrand as your own

  • Resell VoIP under your companies name with our VoIP reseller program (also called a White Label solution or private label solution)
  • Add VoIP communication as a new Value Added Service
  • Customize your control panel with features incl. your branding and logos
  • Make good profits as a VoIP Reseller and set competitive rates
  • Determine your profit, create your own dial plans, rates, tariffs
  • We offer HD Quality Voice and Minutes, Least Cost Routing and VoIP Termination on a wholesale level.
  • The VoIP market is growing rapidly worldwide. Expand your business internationally and resell our services anywhere in the world


Start your own business without a huge investment

  • No need for large offices or expensive office equipment
  • Grow your business at your own pace
  • No need to spend millions to build and maintain a network. Black Tie VoIP has state of the art infrastructure already in place
  • Quick set-up with a flying start with our user friendly systems.
  • No need for extensive experience
  • All your previous contacts can become immediate clients
  • Your clients remain your clients, we stay in the back-end working for you
  • Choose your own business model for your clients
  • Create/Edit/Delete accounts within seconds
  • A control panel interface for your end-customers provides real-time access to call history and account balances