#Stay Home and Stay Connected

Stay Connected with our Cloud PBX

In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, The National Coronavirus Command Council has decided to enforce a nation-wide lockdown. Which will now be extended as announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa last Thursday, the 9th of April 2020. People are staying at home and observing social distancing and taking other precautions to help fight the spread of this invisible enemy.

This has taken a huge toll on businesses and the economy at large. For most business owners the option of allowing their staff to work from home could assist them both mentally and financially. And as well as have the opportunity to still contribute to the falling economy. In this article, I would like to point out the advantages of Black Tie VoIP business phones solutions. And how it can help you link the team up and conduct business from homes at the same time reduce costs that you would normally bear out of the office or business residence.

1. Our Cloud or Hosted PBX:

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Manage your business phone system from your web browser. The PBX takes away the need to be at the office and your phone system now becomes portable, actually it goes where you go and you have easier access to your remote staff from different locations. You and the team are now able to make and receive calls from anywhere.

2. Business Mobile App

pf 9We take it for granted that the user should have some form of internet and that it should have a satisfactory strength in order for VoIP to work. Sometimes depending on the connection, or the number of users, you may experience some strain or outage. In that case, everyone just has to install one of our mobile apps and use their mobile data. Best of all, with the use of extensions in our PBX, all users can call each other for FREE, regardless of their locations!

3. Fantastic Features

https://www.blacktievoip.co.za/black-tie-voip-features/Although our PBX has over 50 features, some of the most important ones comes in very handy especially during this lockdown. You have the choice of setting ring groups, call queues, hunt groups and tons of other incoming or receiving calls options. For example, phones or extensions can be configured to be received by a certain staff member or group, however if that call is not picked up, it can be configured to then try other extensions or groups. Another examples is if a call comes through to a user’s phone and they are not at their desk, they can then take the call either on their softphone or mobile app. We also offer FREE calls to other users and between extensions, evidence that the Black Tie VoIP network is more affordable than standard telco operators and traditional analogue systems.

4. Conference Calling


With appointments and events being cancelled, you may be worried about missing out on important business deals and meetings. Don’t stress because we have an advanced call conferencing feature. This allows group creation, security pins, scheduling, group alerts, and chats, to name a few. Conference calls with groups of up to 10 in a secure VoIP VPN. It also has a 256-bit call encryption technology, and is the only one of its kind in South Africa. We have seen a wave of increase and an early adoption of our latest PBX Softphone App coupled and Cloud Billing Module. Whether is a one on one meeting with a client or a team collaboration. Black Tie VoIP has the appropriate business phone solution.


As a VoIP Carrier, the team at Black Tie VoIP provides advanced technology and secure solutions for your phone systems to operate from the internet. Our solution comes with a full-featured cloud-based phone solution that gives you complete control & visibility about your team’s calling activities including monitoring live calls, reports, billing and voice recordings, to name a few.

With Black Tie VoIP’s Business phone solutions, the prospect of your team working from home doesn’t need to be a frightening one. You can be assured that our features are designed to help remote workers. Meaning you don’t need to compromise on the quality of service of work that you provide to your customers. Sign up for your FREE DEMO today!