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Black Tie VoIP Mobile App for Android

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Cloud PBX Dialer App 2.0

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Make a few calls on our webphone and test our voice quality via our demo page here: WebPhone Demo Page

VoIP Dialer App on your phone

Make and Recieve your business calls on your mobile phone with the Black Tie Mobile VoIP App. Just download the app, punch in the username and password, and you are ready to dial.

The Black Tie Mobile VoIP APP is a simple, cloud-based phone system with built-in PBX and Messaging features. It can be used as a complete business communications solution with our Black Tie VoIP Network and Cloud PBX services and includes global coverage.

Get access to your team from any location with the best VoIP Provider in South Africa. Take your Landline number with you anywhere. Join the Internet Based Telephone for Business community and enjoy low call rates and super low line rentals.

Next-Generation TeleCommunication

Use the Mobile VoIP app to stay connected anywhere you go, anytime you want. Now you can make and receive calls on your mobile smartphone when on the road and away from the office. Get the opportunity to make calls easily regardless of your location. It can be used as an additional extension or shared with your existing office phone extension so that you never miss a call.

Download for Android smartphones like Samsung. Your business phone number becomes mobile and moves with you whilst on the go.

Download the APP and try it for FREE. Ask out team about the Demo Account QR codes.

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4 Reasons why you should use our Black Tie VoIP Mobile App


Your business number goes where you go

You can now use your existing office extension on your mobile phone or have us create a new extension for when you are on the go.


Connects all your employees

Wherever they are, they can communicate with their team members and clients using the same phone number as if they were in the office, thus providing a seamless communication and customer experience.


Keep Personal Number Private

Using a mobile softphone can be a solution if you want to avoid handing out your personal number for work purposes and giving customers access to your cell and home numbers.


Save on hardware costs

Especially for startups and low call usage customers, there will be considerable savings made by avoiding the purchase of the physical VoIP hard phones and related equipment.