Cancellation Policy

Payment and Cancellation Policy

The cancellation of a product or service is the Clients’ responsibility. Cancellations must made be via email to Telephonic or any other form of cancellation will NOT be accepted. All requests for cancellation must be made a minimum of 14 (Fourteen) days prior to the monthly invoice being issued. Failure to provide the 14 (Fourteen) day cancellation notice, will result in your service or product not being de-activated for the new month and therefore liable for payment, regardless of usage. All outstanding invoices must be paid in full prior to requesting cancellation. Promotions and deals carry additional terms and early cancellation fees may be payable.

In all cases, late payment penalties and re-connection fees may apply. In the case of VoIP minutes, although they never expire, Black Tie VoIP will not refund or replace them. If you cancel your account or your account is suspended and subsequently terminated, the VoIP minutes cannot be recovered.


Invoices are sent out from the 25th for the following month.

All payments are due by the 1st of every month.

Accounts that are not paid on time will be suspended and users blocked.

Late payments will incur re-connection fees added to the outstanding invoice amount.

Cash deposits are not welcomed and you will be charged an additional R57 for our bank charges.

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