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Cloud PBX

Share the same number between multiple locations and make free calls between all branch locations including cell phone extensions with our Feature filled Cloud PBX. VoIP phones and Mobile extensions can be easily setup from the Cloud.

SIP Trunking

All our SIP trunks are provided with no limits. Clients enjoy their own Trunk Management System portal with unlimited concurrency, not to mention an integrated billing module with local and international rates, all billed at true-per-second.

Enhanced Call Centres

We are experts in ViciBox, ViciDial, GoAutodial, Elastix, FreePBX, TrixBox, amongst others. We also have our own Live Agent Module with Cost per Sale Reporting. Get access to your team from any location with this cloud based call centre solution.

Switchboard PBX Durban

Port your existing landline number over and take advantage of VoIP and it's smart features for business

Elevate your business to the next level today!


Voice Services

Choose a brand new business landline number or port your existing Telkom number over and benefit from free on-net calls and the lowest call rates in the country. Choose an 031,012,021,010 geographic number or an 087 number in the cloud, for use, instantly and from anywhere.


Cloud PBX

Our PBX in the cloud solution allows multiple calls from the same number over multiple locations and comes with a custom dial plan and ring group to suit your company's unique telephony requirements. Custom IVR, transfer calls, music-on-hold, conferencing, hotdesking, follow-me and many more amazing features at your fingertips.

Features of Black Tie VoIP

With us Talk is Cheap


Cheaper Rentals

We offer cheaper rentals than Telkom and offer scalability to add more numbers on the fly when needed.


Better Call Rates

We offer better fixed line and mobile call rates, all billed at only true-per-second from the 1st second.


Faster Service

We offer a faster and more reliable customer service and we provide our clients FREE remote support when setting up .


FREE Calling 24/7

All the numbers on our network can call each other for FREE, including Geographic numbers that are ported over to us.

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